The photobook is a great way to bring a photo archive into a  final form. There you have to decide a theme and decide, which are the best photographies to tell a storie. The themes could be family photographs, a trip, a relationship, a city or a feeling, whatever you want to communicate. Combining 10 to 20 photographs you can already tell a short story and make a zine or photobook.

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3-5 participants
in Rio de Janeiro

In the first part of the workshop the participant will be introduced into the possibilities of creating a photo book by many examples of different photographers and which different languages and themes are possible.

After this the participant can start to create their own photo book in the following days, supported by choosing the right photographs for a topic and using the right materials and tools.


1. Day, Friday, from 18:00 pm

Presentation of two photo books, the photographers life and work and the graphic designer, they worked together. In the following, what concepts for books are possible, how a book can be designed with the cover and title, the Layouts which can be chosen and which texts can be combined. The different kinds of bookbinding simple and complex and some typefaces which can be used. The different structures of paper and possibilities to print at home or using online print shops. A short introduction will follow of Indesign (word) and Lightroom, which will be also used already during the workshop to create the photo book.

In the end it will be handed out a small guide for the course, which the participant can already use during this three days and also after it to remember the important steps for making a photo book.


2. Day, Saturday, 9-18:00 pm

(morning) The participants can now show the photographs, they want to use and we will already select with lightroom the strongest ones and make index prints to discuss the photographs together on the table and bring in an first order.


First thoughts will be made, if the work will be shown in b/w or color, which format and which book binding will be used.


(afternoon) The book will be started in indesign, putting together an order, thinking about texts which can be combined or other material like drawings or maps. The impressum in the end will be discussed and the cover will be decided.


3.Day, Sunday,  9-18:00 pm

(morning) A new look over the layout, correcting it and filtering out the essence and important stuff. After this the images can be treated in lightroom and photoshop and the order of the pages for the print has to be made. 


(afternoon) The book will be printed and finalised with bookbinding and cutting. In the end there will be given some tipps, how to distribute the book in the internet, libraries or at independent book markets.


350 RS/ 300 RS (students) early bookers until 6th of April

450 RS/400 RS (students) after 7th of April



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